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Matthew Sorel-Cameron

Matthew Sorel-Cameron

Call: 2009

Matthew defends and is also regularly instructed to represent the Crown Prosecution Service. He is on the CPS Advocate Panel at Level 3.

Matthew is a robust and persuasive advocate, who brings a forensic approach to cases. He has significant experience in representing vulnerable clients and handling vulnerable witnesses.


Fraud & Corporate CrimeOrganised CrimeGeneral & Violent CrimeRoad TrafficProceeds of Crime (POCA)

Matthew is regularly instructed to prosecute and defend in cases of fraud and financial crime.

  • R v G & C (2017) Defended a man accused of fraudulently evading over £400k of duty on imported tobacco, and laundering just under £200k in cash.
  • R v J (2017) Prosecuted a sophisticated £130k breach of trust fraud committed by a bank employee.
  • R v W (2017) Prosecuted a man charged with repeatedly defrauding the customers of his vehicle renovation business.
  • R v F and W (2016) Defended a woman accused of receiving housing benefit of over £30k for a house which she legally owned.
  • R v D and others (2016) Defended a man charged in a national conspiracy to commit fraud by using cloned fuel cards.
  • R v H (2015) Defended a man charged with defrauding a dying friend of £30k.

Matthew is increasingly being instructed in cases involving organised crime.

  • Operation Dryad (2016) Junior prosecution counsel: 9 week trial of five defendants charged with rape, sexual activity with children and prostitution.
  • Operation Dryad (2016) Junior prosecution counsel in a multi-handed 4 week conspiracy to supply Class B drugs (mephedrone) by an Iranian gang.
  • R v S and M (2016) Prosecuted two defendants accused of conspiring with others to steal high-end/valuable motor vehicles by using stolen card details and false documentation.

Matthew has substantial experience in both defending and prosecuting cases of violent crime and crime generally.

  • R v L (2017) Prosecuted a man who had perverted the course of justice by presenting a false document to a court.
  • R v M (2017) Defended a man charged with burgling the home of his ex-partner whilst she and her children were present.
  • R v H and R (2017) Junior prosecution counsel: two defendants charged with attempting to murder three men in a car by repeatedly firing a sawn-off shotgun into the vehicle during a high-speed pursuit. The issue at trial was identification.
  • R v O’C and others (2015) Prosecuted three defendants for a revenge attack affray and assault with weapons. One of the Crown’s primary witnesses turned hostile.
  • R v M and O’H (2015) Prosecuted two defendants for a home invasion robbery where weapons were used against a vulnerable defendant.
  • R v E and M (2015) Prosecuted two defendants for intentionally causing grievous bodily harm to a transgender victim.
  • R v B (2013) Defended a woman charged with ABH and common assault against a store security officer and store managers who had restrained her after she had been caught shoplifting.

Matthew is regularly instructed to defend and prosecute complex private road traffic matters. He has extensive experience in making and resisting special reasons arguments and making arguments for exceptional hardship.

  • R v M (2017) Successfully defended man accused of careless driving and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.
  • R v T (2015) Prosecuted causing bodily harm by wilful misconduct when in charge of a vehicle: driving a lorry at high speed the wrong way round a one way system on private land and running someone over causing horrific injuries. Successfully resisted an application to dismiss on the interpretation of the words ‘wilful misconduct’, whereupon the defendant pleaded guilty.
  • C v DPP (2013) Presented a successful special reasons argument on appeal (the Appellant only drove whilst over the limit because he had been assaulted, and was in fear of further assault). 3year ban imposed below avoided and licence retained.
  • C v DPP (2012) Successfully resisted a drink driving appeal based on  back calculation supported by UK’s leading expert on alcohol consumption and absorption.
  • R v C (2010) Defended a school bus driver (also a local councillor) of driving carelessly and causing injury to schoolchildren passengers: successful submission of no case.

Matthew has substantial experience in conducting confiscation proceedings on behalf of both prosecution and defence. He recently successfully prosecuted a complex confiscation application under the old Criminal Justice Act 1988 legislation.

Inquiries & Appellate Work


  • R v Loveday (2016) Successful appeal against sentence arguing misapplication of the sentencing guidelines: sentence reduced from 12 to 6 months imprisonment.
  • R v Evans [2015] EWCA Crim 871 Represented the appellant where his sentence was reduced from 16 to 10 months imprisonment.
  • Taffs v Chelmsford Crown Court [2014] EWHC 899 (Admin) Represented the prosecutor in a judicial review challenging the Crown Court’s reasoning in dismissing the Claimant’s appeal.


Publications, Lectures and Training


Lexis PSL Corporate Crime – Contributing Author


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University College London – BA (Hons) Philosophy (2.1)

University of East Anglia – Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies (Commendation)

City Law School – Bar Vocational Course (Outstanding)


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CPS Advocate Panel – Level 3

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