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Ramiz Gursoy

Ramiz Gursoy

Call: 1991

Ramiz Gursoy is a defence and prosecution practitioner who covers serious multi-handed cases, ranging from rape and sexual assault, large heroin importation and serious organised crime, involving blackmail, extortion and conspiracy to murder.

Although predominantly a defence practitioner, Ramiz also has considerable prosecution experience and is currently listed as a Grade 2 Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Before joining the bar in 1991, Ramiz worked at an international law firm in Istanbul for seven years.  He is fluent in Turkish, knows the Turkish law and legal system, and has represented a large number of clients from Turkey.



Ramiz’s current practice is largely defending with some prosecuting.  His work include drugs and organised crime, murder and other violent crimes, sexual offences, money laundering and fraud. He also has broad expertise in associated forensic and evidential issues such as abuse of process, disclosure, expert evidence and DNA.  Ramiz is also experienced in cases involving vulnerable witnesses.

His experience and knowledge of the criminal judicial and court system is demonstrated by the more significant cases he has been involved in over the last 10 years:

Murder and ViolenceTab titleFraudSexual Offences

Case of significance over the past 10 years include:

  • R v Spahiu:  Albanian gang revenge attack for dispute over territorial parking meters in the West End, London.
  • R v Riaz:   Murder of estranged wife’s brother for failing to disclose her whereabouts: body disposed of in the family butcher’s shop.
  • R v (A): Leading junior in murder of an innocent bystander pushed in front of an incoming train at a London underground station by someone released for the afternoon from the mental wing of a hospital.
  • R v Macharthy: Aggravated burglary of rich elderly couples’ (80’s) mansion in Cambridgeshire using sledge hammers and cutters, tying the elderly couple up before making away with items worth over £20k.

Ramiz has extensive experience in defending large scale, multi-handed drugs cases as a junior, leader or on his own.  Cases of significance over the past 10 years include:

  • R v Jisl and Tekin:  Large conspiracy to import 73 kgs of heroin from Turkey through the Netherlands. The appeal paved the way to the introduction of the PCMH.
  • R v Y: Successful defence of a member of a North London gang involved in conspiracy to supply 60 kilograms of heroin from a coffee/gambling shop involving eight defendants.
  • R v Seyhan and others:  A multi-handed case involving 200 kgs of cocaine smuggled from Colombia in hollowed out pineapples.
  • R v C: Successful defence of a member of a multi handed conspiracy to import half a ton of heroin through Turkey, Holland and Miami USA.
  • R v Kaan: Conspiracy to import 40 kgs of heroin by a registered informant, also involving extreme violence.
  • R v K: Successful defence of lorry driver in conspiracy to import 36 kgs of heroin from Holland.
  • R v Ansen: The defendant, a retired NATO General then based in Italy with NATO, was the debt collector for an international drugs ring based in Turkey, Austria, Holland, Italy, UK and Spain which had exported over a ton of heroin over a number of years.
  • The Colombian Labrador Case: Conspiracy to import cocaine from Colombia in the stomachs of Labrador dogs who were sent to the UK via Holland: discovered following the death of a dog in transit.
  • Super grass case: Defended a 75 year old against whom an international professional drugs dealer caught red handed by the Dutch and British police gave Queen’s Evidence against the defendant and 11 others in four separate trials.

Recently Ramiz has undertaken a number of large scale money laundering cases with international dimensions, some of which involved extradition proceedings.

  • R v Meghrabi and others (2011) involving foreign exchange offices in London used to launder in excess of £10m

Ramiz regularly defends in rape cases and also other sexual offences, including cases involving sexual conduct with under aged children and a wide variety of pornographic image cases. Cases of significance over the past 10 years include:

  • R v EX: Historic rape of an 8 year old niece over a three year period.
  • R v Mahmood: People smuggling of Romanian ladies for exploitation in the sex trade.
  • R v Mustafa: Paternal uncle kidnapped 13 year old niece, imprisoned her in his flat and repeatedly raped her over a seven day period.

Inquiries & Appellate Work

Ramiz has appeared in the appellate courts, successfully overturning convictions and securing retrials, including the notable case of R v Jisl (2004) EWCA Crim 696, (Arch 4-84a), which gave rise to the case management guidelines. Ramiz has also regularly acted in appeals against sentence.

Ramiz has recently (2017) appeared in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court on a judicial review acting for a client against the West Yorkshire Police, The Home Secretary and the National Crime Agency.  An application was made for the courts to rule that actions of the British Government in actively assisting a jurisdiction which the UK did not internationally recognise were unlawful.


International Representation

Ramiz was junior in Apostilides v Orams [2006] EWHC 2226 (QB) in the Queens Bench Division, acting for a retired elderly English couple who had bought property in North Cyprus that had originally belonged to a Greek Cypriot, prior to the division of the island in 1974. This was a landmark case which involved the actions of the Greek Cypriot Court that had no jurisdiction in the northern part of the island under the acquis signed when Cyprus joined the EU.

Other Specialisms

  • R v Britton (2008) conspiracy to pervert the course of justice involving over 15 false allegations of rape, kidnap, blackmail, grievous bodily harm and burglary over a six-month period. Press Link: Daily Mail


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Advocate at the British Sovereign Base areas of Dhekelia and Akrotiri, Cyprus

Crown Prosecution Service Grade 2