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Tenants and Associates

Red Lion Chambers have a variety of recruitment opportunities. We offer full tenancy, associate tenancy, pupillages, mini-pupillages, and 3rd six pupillages.

Chambers are one of the top leading criminal sets in England and Wales. Respected by our peers and judges, we have prosecuted and defended in high-profile cases at home and internationally for 75 years. Boasting strength in depth with quality, expertise and experience at all levels, we are a determined and dedicated partner to our clients.

Chambers welcomes applications from members of the Bar who can demonstrate exceptional quality in business crime, general crime, regulatory law, and professional discipline. Historically we are renowned for being exceptionally strong in the general crime and business crime area.

We have a reputation for excellence and this has helped us attract exceptional barristers from other sets. After successfully diversifying our business, extending our practice to include regulatory law and professional discipline we continue to grow in strength, taking advantage of our in-house expertise across a wider legal spectrum.


Associate Tenancy

Red Lion Chambers have a number of associate tenants. This allows barristers with substantial practices on other circuits to develop a caseload in London and Chelmsford without leaving their principal chambers.

Associate tenants will be formally marketed alongside our full tenants but won’t become full members under our constitution.

Next Steps

For more information, please contact Jeremy Benson QC. All tenancy applications can be made in confidence to jeremy.benson@18rlc.co.uk.




Chambers UK - Crime

”The clerks are very dependable," and “always anxious to help.”


Chambers UK - Fraud

"Red Lion Chambers both prosecutes and defends serious fraud cases, securing involvement in some of the causes célèbres of the day such as the BAE Systems corruption affair and the pharmaceuticals cartel investigation."

Chambers UK - Crime

"Red Lion Chambers offers clients a great deal of experience and a high level of professionalism. Observers note that it has proved skilful in maintaining the standards of its members over the years and it is widely expected to thrive in this period of uncertainty at the Criminal Bar."

Chambers UK - Fraud

"Substantial number of talented criminal fraud practitioners."

Chambers UK - Crime

"When instructing barristers from Red Lion Chambers, you always know that you will get a safe pair of hands. The large group of capable barristers specialises in the full range of criminal and related regulatory work."

Chambers UK - Crime

"Likeable, knowledgeable, responsive and proactive clerks."

Chambers UK - Crime

"Because Red Lion Chambers has that strength and depth, if you cannot obtain your barrister of choice, there is always someone of equal stature and ability to then take on the case."

Chambers UK - Fraud

"Red Lion Chambers is viewed as "one of the prestige sets" and is a popular choice for fraud work."

Chambers UK - Fraud

"The clerks are very helpful and always do their very best to accommodate us at short notice. They work closely with the members, so they are very good at knowing who you will like and who you will want."

Chambers UK - Fraud

Home to some of the most cogent, eloquent and outstandingly prepared advocates."

Legal 500 - Crime

"Around 80 members dedicated exclusively to the full range of crime work."

Chambers UK - Fraud

"You can't go wrong at Red Lion Chambers if you are facing a serious, high-value fraud matter. Its team is well versed in all aspects of white-collar crime, and excels when defending lengthy and labyrinthine fraud trials. It also proves equally strong on the prosecution side ..."


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