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Chambers has formidable experience in terrorism law, having prosecuted and defended in major terrorism-related cases for over thirty years.

With our unrivalled expertise in this area of law, we are regularly instructed in deeply complex and high-profile cases.


Chambers’ Expertise 

Our barristers are considered to be some of the finest advocates in the country. 

Proud of our history and expertise, we are one of the few legal sets to offer specialist advisory and advocacy services to both prosecution and defence, as well as maintaining a presence on the Attorney-General’s list of Special Advocates for terrorist cases. 

Head of Chambers, Max Hill QC, has a heavyweight crime practice and built reputation prosecuting and defending in some of the most significant terrorism trials of the past decade. Our team of barristers have followed in his lead and deploy their expert knowledge of terror law in trials across the country.



Chambers provide international organisations and government bodies with presentation and advice on terror-related practices. Examples include:

  • Max Hill QC, travelled to Muscat, Oman to deliver training on terrorism law and practice. His trip included the collection and presentation of evidence in major terrorism trials to the Public Prosecutors Office of the Sultanate of Oman.

“Travelling to Oman was an exceptional opportunity to compare legislative regimes in our respective countries, and to discuss terrorism in all its forms with fellow lawyers.” - Max Hill QC

  • Nina Tavakoli was invited by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime to assist and train Nigerian lawyers on terror prosecution matters. She helped train a select group of legal advisors from the Nigerian National Police Force and Department of State Security in Abuja.


Notable Cases

We have been actively involved in terrorist cases in Northern Ireland, including the last IRA prosecution in this country to date (R v Hulme and others). The Real IRA trial took place over several months in 2003, and culminated in the conviction of all five members of the terrorist cell.

Other notable cases include the Afghan hijacking case at Stansted Airport, the "Ricin" poison plot (R v Bourgass and others), which involved the discovery of poison recipes and ingredients in north London and the "dirty bomb" conspiracy. 

Our representatives were also involved at the ‘21/7’ London bombing case trials, a plot by suicide bombers to detonate bombs on London public transport two weeks after ‘7/7’ terrorist attacks. The ‘21/7’ trials lasted a total of 16 months during 2007-8, and resulted in the conviction of sixteen defendants.


Recent terror cases:

  • R v Faraz – trial of a Birmingham bookseller for possessing and distributing material promoting terrorism.
  • R v Kausar – trial interrupted by guilty plea to downloading and possessing, among others, a recipe for the poison Ricin and a guide to building bombs. •
  • R v Davison – trial of group of neo-Nazis for possession of terrorist material.
  • R v Lewington – trial of alleged neo-Nazi for having a bomb-factory in his bedroom.


Counsel With Terrorism Expertise:


For more information on specific cases, please see our individual member’s profile pages.


Choosing Your Barrister

If you require representation and advice regarding terror-related matters, please contact our clerking team, led by Chambers Director, Mark Bennett.

  • For specific case enquiries, please contact our clerking team.
  • For training and seminar requests, please contact Jennifer Ukaegbu.


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