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Rosina Cottage QC

Rosina Cottage QC

Call: 1988     Silk: 2011

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Legal500 2017 Crime Silk of the Year

Rosina is a highly respected Silk whose reputation for excellence has led to her instruction in high profile cases. Her practice involves heavy-weight prosecution and defence of multi-handed cases of serious sexual offences, murder and fraud many of which are in the public eye. An ‘excellent’ practitioner and vastly experienced prosecution and defence counsel who is “meticulous” in her handling of the full spectrum of violent and sexual offences cases.

Well known for her work in cases involving vulnerable defendants or witnesses, she applies skill and care when representing and cross-examining those with a learning impairment, those on the autistic spectrum, and those diagnosed with mental health problems. Rosina also demonstrates expertise in respect of the cross-examination and instruction of experts in pathology, psychology and psychiatry.

Rosina is a true expert within her field with extensive knowledge of law and practice and a calm and measured approach when presenting arguments. She received, nothing but praise in her dealing with the high profile Max Clifford case and soon after featured as The Times Lawyer of the Week. Her work in the case of Aravindan Balakrishnan was skilful and professional.

Rosina is a member of the Sentencing Council and is called upon by the media to comment or provide expert advice on matters of serious sexual offences, murder and fraud, Rosina also teaches and lectures on advocacy in respect of vulnerable witnesses and is a Lead Facilitator trainer for legal professionals in cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses.


“Crime Silk of the year” 2017, Rosina has excellent communication skills and a pragmatic, professional and thorough approach.

Rosina has a strong profile in prosecution and defence. She pays a close attention to detail, provides clear presentation of all the essential issues of a case and combines her strong tactical approach with her detailed understanding of the law.

She has a quality practice in cases which demand strong advocacy skills with an ability to deal with complex forensic evidence and a deserved reputation for her skill in dealing with both defendants and witnesses of the utmost vulnerability.

Homicide Sexual OffencesFraud

  • R v RJ (2017) Prosecuted a youth on a charge of manslaughter of a Polish man in 2016.  Press Links: BBC
  • R v E H-B (2017) Prosecuted a woman for the alleged murder of her partner.   Press Links: BBC
  • R v Adrian Goldsmith (2016) Defended a police officer for murder of his wife.    Press Links: BBC

  • R v Max Clifford (2019) Convictions upheld in the Court of Appeal. Press Links:[BBC]
  • Operation Foard (2018-2020) Prosecution of a General Practitioner for multiple serious sexual offences upon patients. Press Links:[BBC]
  • R v Timothy Lively (2018-2020) Prosecution of a former police officer for serious sexual offences upon children in care in the 1970s and 1980s. Press Links:[BBC
  • Operation Winthorpe (2016 and 2017) Prosecuted teachers from St Pauls School in serious sexual allegations upon boys in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • R v Stephen Kelly and others (2016) Prosecuted 12 defendants for serious sexual offences against boys in care in the Midlands involving child exploitation and rape allegations.           Press Links: BBC
  • R v Singh and Others (2015) Defended the main defendant in the “Aylesbury sex ring” an 11-handed trial with 2 complainants involving child exploitation and rape allegations.            Press Links: BBC
  • R v Aravindan Balakrishnan (2015) Prosecuted a Maoist cult leader tried for serious sexual offences against cult members and cruelty and false imprisonment of his daughter for over 30 years.  Press Links: BBC
  • R v Max Clifford (2014) Prosecuted the publicist in a trial involving serious sexual allegations upon multiple complainants from the 1960s to 1980s. Max Clifford was the first person convicted under Operation Yewtree, a Metropolitan Police investigation into claims of historic sex abuse.  Press Links: BBC

  • R v Reza and Others (2014 and 2015) Prosecuted two trials involving an Access to Work DWP fraud against 14 defendants including an accountant and a doctor. 12 of the defendants were deaf.


  • “She has incredible authority and gravitas in the courtroom, and inspires great confidence.” – Legal 500 (2020)
  • “A very, very good barrister with a fine mind, who is very approachable and very well prepared.” Chambers UK (2020)
  • “She is fair, she presents well and she’s able to deal with complex arguments.”Chambers UK (2020)
  • “A sexual offences expert who is a master of cross-examination.” Chambers UK (2019)
  • “Her expertise on sexual offences is second to none.” Legal500 (2019)
  • “She is a class act” who “sees the issues immediately and commands respect in any courtroom. No one messes around in her presence.” Chambers UK (2018)
  • “She is no-nonsense, fair and appealing to juries.” – Legal500 (2016)
  • She has a lovely style in court -she’s unassuming but powerful.” “If you’ve got a case that involves vulnerable people, special measures or medical evidence relating to that vulnerable person, she’s your person.”Chambers UK (2017)
  • Admiring peers had “nothing but praise” for her performances when prosecuting Max Clifford on historic sexual offences involving children. “Where she is really strong is in the way she gets all the really important evidence from the victim, especially in cross-examination.” – Chambers UK (2016)
  • At the forefront of prosecuting serious sexual offences” –  Legal500 (2016)

Publications, Lectures and Training


Archbold – Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice: Contributing editor (2019)
Vulnerable People and the Criminal Justice System (A Guide to Law and Practice) OUP (2017): Contributing Author 2017


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LLB Bristol 1987


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South Eastern Circuit

Former Recorder of the South Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Family Law Bar Association

Association of Lawyers for Children

Professional Appointments

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Member of the Sentencing Council July 2016

Recorder (Crime) 2012


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Lawyer of the Week: The Times May 2014