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Directors Liabilities and Disqualification

Directors Liabilities and Disqualification

22 July 2020 1:30 pm
Richard Sutton QC
Ruby Hamid, Partner Ashurst LLP
Rufus D’Cruz, RLC
Senior Company Officials are more exposed than ever as a result of an increase in the enforcement of directors' liabilities, in the criminal as well as the civil sphere. There has also been a further broadening of the FCA's Senior Managers' Regime and a marked increase in the use by the CMA of their powers to disqualify directors where competition law has been breached...


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation The Red Lion Lecture series has moved online with a programme of exciting webinars scheduled over the next couple of months with leading guest speakers from the criminal and regulatory sector as well as senior members of RLC. Our webinars are all free, easily accessible, engaging and interactive and we are pleased to be able to welcome international audiences to participate as well.

Please check below for up to date information on upcoming Webinars and information on how to register.

We look forward to you joining us at what we anticipate will be an exciting and informative series.

Last year the set launched a lecture series which is described as ‘unprecedented’ by clients: ‘These events are invaluable to the solicitors’ profession in terms of continued professional development and are very much highly regarded.’

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A Perspective from the Court of Appeal Criminal Division

A Perspective from the Court of Appeal Criminal Division

17 June 2020 1:00 pm
Alix Beldam
Registrar of Criminal Appeals and Master The Crown Office
Tom Forster QC, RLC
David Emanuel QC
Garden Court Chambers
Anatomy of a Protest

Anatomy of a Protest

1 July 2020 1:00 pm
Michelle Nelson QC
Ife Thompson (BLAM Charity)
Marilyn Vitte
Bethan Rogers
Georgia Lassoff
Tim Kiely.
Sailesh Mehta
Dan Robinson
Helena Spector
A team of experts will discuss the law relating to every aspect of a protest from the initial planning stage to the Courts...