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Nicholas Hall writes Book Review for Law Gazette

"The rise of the #MeToo movement has seen our society reflect on sexual mores and sexual practices more than ever before. In this complex area where culture, religion, identity and morality intersect, the criminal law can easily fall out of step with society." Nicholas Hall reviews Criminalizing Sex: A Unified Liberal ...
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Simon Spence QC analyses the custody situation that led to the loss of Sgt. Ratana on 25 September

"The death of any police officer, killed in the course of their duty, is a tragedy. When it happens in a custody suite itself, it adds a further dimension and inevitably raises the question, ‘How could this happen?’, a question many people and the family of Sgt. Ratana in particular ...
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Red Lion Chambers represent animal cruelty activists pro bono

Sailesh Mehta and Matt Bainbridge represented animal rights activists charged with aggravated trespass and criminal damage in a Dolce & Gabbana store in London. The four defendants entered the store dressed as bunnies to demonstrate against the store's sale of animal fur from Orylag rabbits which they said had been ...
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Joanna Hardy talks to BBC News regarding the challenges of technology in the Court System 

"As we weren't ready for this huge technological revolution no-one had manned the tech rooms or built enough rooms on the other end in the prison. We can have as many laptops as we like, as much software as we like but if we can't put a prisoner into a ...
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Allison Clare QC announced as 'Barrister of the Year' Finalist in The Lawyer Awards 2020

Allison Clare QC has been announced as a finalist for the coveted 'Barrister of the Year' category in this year's The Lawyer Awards 2020. She is one of only seven female barristers to take silk at the Criminal Bar this year. In March this year, she graced an all-female led ...
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Noel Casey, an experienced RASSO prosecutor, secures a brace of rape convictions in successive trials

Noel Casey, an experienced RASSO prosecutor, has in successive trials secured a brace of rape convictions: the first, following a week-long trial at Basildon Crown Court, concerning the rape at knifepoint of a prostitute in a Southend cemetery; the second, following a 3 week trial at Maidstone Crown Court, the ...
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Kate Bex QC and Tim Kiely writing for The Times examine Government's White Paper on Sentencing Reforms

"If one of the purposes of sentencing is to protect the public from the effects of crime, this cannot mean just locking offenders away for as long as possible. It must mean that serving their sentence, whether in custody or the community, should rehabilitate them so that they do not ...
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Kate Bex QC in guideline case considering Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders

Kate Bex QC was instructed by CPS Complex Casework in guideline case on the principles to be applied when considering a Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Order (STPO). Read the Court of Appeal Judgment in Regina v Glodi Wabelua, Dean Alford, Michael Karemera here: [R v Wabelua (Glodi)] ...
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Prosecution strategies in AR cases

In a series of two articles published in Counsel, Laura Hoyano of Red Lion Chambers, together with John Riley of 23ES, describes the dynamics of an abusive relationship, and the challenges posed for investigators and prosecutors to build a case of violent and coercive behaviour, especially where the victim refuses ...
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Sailesh Mehta examines the use of Automated Facial Technology writing in Counsel Magazine

"Beyond the intrusiveness of automated facial recognition is concern about ‘false positives’ and potential for racial bias in the technology." Sailesh Mehta writes with Shahid Khan [AdviceWise Solicitors] about Automated Facial Recognition technology and effects on BAME communities. Read more here: [Counsel Magazine] ...
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From 'Bond to Beethoven'- Silks upskill in Lockdown

RLC Criminal Silks, Barnaby Jameson QC and Simon Spence QC have been upskilling during Lockdown and have been featured in The Times for channelling their advocacy skills into the creative arts whilst courts have been shut in the pandemic. Barnaby Jameson QC has written a fictionalised account of the lives ...
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Kate Bex QC guest speaker on BBC Radio London

RLC member Kate Bex QC appeared as a guest speaker again on BBC Radio London this morning reviewing the top news stories of the day for the Vanessa Feltz Breakfast Show.  She spoke about:

  • The celebrity freeze on Instagram and Facebook against hate speech as part of the #StopHateForProfit ...
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Chambers takes part in the 2020 London Legal Walk 10xChallenge on 5th October

Chambers are delighted to be taking part in the 2020 London Legal Walk x10 Challenge. Having conquered 10,000 Steps for Justice in June, members will be completing 10K for justice remotely on the 5th October. The Red Lion 'Walkers' include: Co-Head of Chambers Antony Shaw QC, Jeremy Benson QC, Allison Clare QC, ...
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RLC members share their reflections on the death of George Floyd and what happens next

"We can no longer afford to educate young people on how “best” to build a life in an unequal society. There is again an opportunity to build a better legacy for future generations and to get it right." Michelle Nelson QC comments on the discrimination faced by Black people in ...
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Genevieve Reed comments on Covid 19, exam chaos and how Chambers can help the next generation

Genevieve Reed spoke to five hundred magazine about how Red Lion Chambers was adapting its pupillage assessment and recruitment policies in light of Covid 19 and the recent A Level results debacle: "My chambers no longer ask for A-level results on pupillage applications. It was a small change but made ...
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