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Kate Bex QC secures convictions of North London gang whose victims included Arsenal footballers

Kate Bex QC secured convictions against eight members of a North London gang who operated in London between April and July 2019. The gang targeted wealthy areas where they carried out a series of aggravated burglaries and robberies using knives and machetes. Two of their victims included ex Arsenal footballer ...
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Aneurin Brewer successfully appeals migrant conviction in Court of Appeal

Aneurin Brewer successfully appealed to the Court of Appeal against the conviction of a migrant for facilitation of breaches in immigration law. The defendant had been jailed for two years and two months in January of this year at Canterbury Crown Court.
This related to the migrant's repeated attempts to ...
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Rebecca Chalkley talks to The Law Society Gazette about Private Prosecutions

Rebecca Chalkley talked to The Law Society Gazette about Private Prosecutions in a piece entitled "Are private prosecutions getting out of control, or do we need more?" Rebecca commented that many Private Prosecutions are better resourced than Public Prosecutions and consequently are often undertaken to a higher standard than the ...
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Joanna Hardy speaks to David Lammy on LBC

Joanna Hardy spoke to David Lammy on LBC regarding court cuts, backlogs and the importance of a diverse Bar. Listen back from 02:37:35: [LBC Global Player] ...
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Michelle Nelson QC co-authors article for Counsel Magazine

The Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice was set up to revisit the work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) after 25 years of operation. The Commission identified serious issues that risk miscarriages of justice remaining unidentified or unremedied. RLC member and a Commissioner of the Westminster Commission on ...
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'Caught in the Net'....Cameron Brown QC writes for Counsel Magazine

Cameron Brown QC has written an opinion piece examining how Sports coaches who commit sexual offences will be caught by a change in the law that addresses the disparity in treatment for 16- to 17-year-olds. He says: "There is, in the sports arena, the possibility of a real imbalance in ...
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Christopher Paxton QC and Jane Oldfield secure convictions in murder trial

Christopher Paxton QC and Jane Oldfield have successfully concluded a five-month trial at Ipswich Crown Court with murder convictions against three of the four defendants. Sentencing will take place in May. Christopher Paxton QC and Jane Oldfield were instructed by the CPS Eastern Region. News report here: [BBC News] ...
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Georgia Lassoff discusses the Sarah Everard case and Safer Streets Campaign in podcast

Georgia Lassoff was interviewed by the Get Legally Speaking podcast to discuss the latest Safer Streets campaign proposed by Government, the Sarah Everard murder and laws regarding self-defence. Listen here: [Get Legally Speaking] ...
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Michelle Nelson QC in conversation with UCL

Michelle Nelson QC will be taking part in a conversation entitled "Shift 25: Constructing a fundamental shift in the UK's ethnicity and equality narrative" as part of UCL'S MAPS (Mathematical and Physical Sciences) Lunch Hour Conversations 2020-2021 on "Tackling racial inequity in higher education and STEM." The event takes place ...
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David Walbank QC launches the CrimeCast.Law series: ‘The Key Cases of 2021’

David Walbank QC has today launched the latest series on his criminal law updating website, CrimeCast.Law. ‘The Key Cases of 2021’ begin with a video case review of the Supreme Court’s judgment in R (KBR Inc) v Serious Fraud Office [2021] 2 WLR 335. The appeal was concerned with the ...
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"Unforgotten"- True to Life? Simon Spence QC investigates.

"Whether it be Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Father Brown or something more recent such as Line of Duty everybody loves a good murder mystery. And of recent television series, one of the most successful and popular is Unforgotten.... But how true to life is it? And how accurate ...
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Kate Bex QC interviewed by BBC West Midlands

Kate Bex QC joined Caroline Martin on BBC WM to discuss the Kill the Bill movement, Bristol Protest and new Police Crime Bill. Listen back by scrolling to 1:09:25 [BBC] ...
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Laura Jane Miller writes for Legal Lifelines

"Sexual assault, sexual harassment, violence towards women and the unprovoked degradation of women have become so normalised that it permeates all sections of society. Whilst unacceptable, it is hardly surprising that society treats us this way, given the relentless objectification and denigration of woman, including the fetishisation of rape culture." ...
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Tim Kiely writes Opinion Piece for The Times

Tim Kiely has written an Opinion piece on the delay by Government to ban Conversion Therapy. Read more:[The Times] ...
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Kate Bex QC interviewed by BBC Radio London

RLC member Kate Bex QC talked to Eddie Nestor for the BBC Radio London Drive Time show on Tuesday 16th March. She commented on:
a range of legal topics including:

  • The Government's proposed £45million Safer Streets fund in response to the Sarah Everard case and Reclaim The Streets campaign
  • ...
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