Laura Kenyon

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Laura is a robust advocate, whose meticulous approach to preparation allows her to present cases concisely and persuasively.  She has developed a thriving criminal practice, and appears regularly on the South Eastern Circuit.

Laura has a logical approach to factually complex cases, which is of particular value in relation to offences of fraud, drug and people-trafficking.  Meanwhile, her approachable and reassuring manner, have allowed her to develop other areas of her practice, including work involving sexual offences; she is particularly adept at dealing with vulnerable victims and defendants.

She is able to undertake Direct Access work.


Laura has a varied criminal practice, which demands a consistently high level of oral and written advocacy. She is able to assimilate large quantities of information quickly, allowing her to present it in a jury-friendly manner, and to prepare persuasive and detailed legal arguments. She has undertaken and organised specific courses to hone her ability to deal with vulnerable parties, especially in relation to sexual offences.

Fraud & Proceeds of Crime (POCA)

  • R v Nastys, Jalal and Ahmed (2015) 3 handed conspiracy to evade over £1m duty on illegally imported cigarettes; 2 defendants pleaded guilty, the other was convicted. The case involved the assimilation of a variety of data including telephone data, courier delivery details and surveillance observations. (Pros. Jnr)
  • R v Temple, Lumb and Doherty (2014) 3 handed VAT fraud using false invoices for the purchase of vehicles and petrol. All defendants pleaded guilty to money laundering offences. (Pros. Jnr)
  • R v Freeland (2014) confiscation proceedings involving a number of complex land law issues, resulting in an order for £115,000. (Pros. Jnr)
  • R v WA and Others (2013) Instructed by HMRC to consider whether a number of documents seized, during a search of defendants’ homes and offices, attracted legal professional privilege.

Violent and Organised Crime

  • Op. Sunset (2017) 8 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs, involving substantial observation and cell-site evidence.
  • R v Cwikla, Czechowski, Drodz and Mokrogulski (2016) Sentence of 4 defendants, caught attempting to smuggle 68 illegal entrants through Harwich Port; they had tried to disguise their collection of the clandestine entrants by tampering with their tachograph equipment. Each defendant sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.  (Pros. Jnr.)
  • Op. Mime (2015-2016) 4 handed human-trafficking case involving complicated call data records, cell-site evidence (from the UK and abroad) and tachograph evidence.  3 defendants convicted. (Led Pros. Jnr)
  • R v Riley and Others (2015) conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm by attacking ex-girlfriend’s face with a knife, and conspiracy to throw acid in her face, seriously disfiguring her. (Led Def. Jnr

Sexual Offences

  • R v H (2017) Allegations of historic sexual abuse by adult daughter against her father.  (Led Pros. Jnr.)
  • R v I (2016) Court appointment to cross-examine the young complainant, where the defendant was accused of rape of a child under 13 years old.
  • R v W (2015) Autistic youth accused of violently anally raping or attempting to vaginally rape his 15 year old girlfriend.  Defendant acquitted. (Def. Jnr.)
  • R v G (2014) Sentence of young man (a youth at the material time) for sexual activity with a child and rape of a child under 13 years old. Judge found exceptional circumstances, where a non-immediate custodial sentence would be appropriate. (Def. Jnr.)

Road Traffic Offences

  • R v Samuel Clarke (2017) death by careless driving (travelling at excess speed with view impaired by the sun, hit pedestrian who stepped out into road.) (Pros. Jnr.)


BA Law with Law Studies in Europe (France)


Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Essex Bar Mess


Professional Appointments

CPS Panel Grade 3


Criminal Bar Association

Professional Appointments

CPS Panel Grade 3