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Richard Wood has a wealth of experience in dealing with the whole range of allegations including fraud and other financial offences, violence, motoring offences, health and safety, sports law issues and professional discipline matters.

Richard is said to always provide clear and pragmatic advice, and is extremely professional and knowledgeable. His legal advice is jargon free, and friendly, without sacrificing expertise and professionalism.  He always seeks to work with a lay client from an early stage in the case, guide them through its legal complexities and agree a clear and concise strategy.

Richard is a Direct Access registered barrister and experienced in receiving instructions directly from members of the public, as well as solicitors.




Fraud & Corporate Crime

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v L a complex and high-value employee fraud involving the alleged fabrication over £3m of Ministry of Defence procurement orders.
  • R v H a large scale theft of monies from an employee, used to create an internet based business with huge turnover, involving a mass of documentation relating to activities on “Ebay” and other internet trading sites.
  • R v D a decision of the Court of Appeal which revolved around whether the ‘benefit’ defined under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 accrued to the Defendant or the company by whom he was employed.

Organised Crime

Richard has been instructed a number of trials of organised crime including the large scale importation of drugs, and cigarettes, and multiple defendant cases. Such cases can present particular difficulties, involving jurisdictions outside the UK, and problematic issues relating to disclosure of evidence, and the processing of large volumes of documentation.

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v N   a multi-handed car ringing case involving a huge quantity of evidence covering a long period of alleged offending.

Homicide and Violent Crime

Richard has been involved in allegations of murder and manslaughter, including allegations of ‘accidental’ overdosing of a child on dothiepin, as well as murders arising out of feuds between organised drug gangs, and other crimes of violence.

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v H  the murder and dismemberment of the victim as a consequence an alleged dispute over controlled drugs between organised gangs.
  • R v K  Mother charged with gross negligence manslaughter on the basis that she was a drug addict who had left significant quantities of dothiepin unsecured and readily available to her unsupervised young child.

Sexual Offences

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v H & H  historic sexual abuse allegations involving difficult disclosure issues and an application to stay the proceedings as an abuse of process on the grounds of delay.
  • R v B allegations of sexual touching by a school teacher on a step daughter. Evidence found on Facebook was used in cross examination to establish that the complainant was not being truthful in respect of alleged injuries. The case was dismissed following a successful submission of no case to answer.

Military Law

Richard has previously practised in the Colchester area, which is heavily garrisoned and is a Courts Martial centre.

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v L a multi-handed army Courts martial concerning affray. A successful submission of no case to answer was made following challenges to identification evidence and disclosure.
  • R v D   allegation of indecent assault by one RAF officer on another.

Road Traffic

Richard is experienced in dealing with drivers charged with motoring offences such as speeding, careless driving, dangerous driving, death or serious injury by dangerous driving, death by careless driving, driving without insurance, as well as drink/drug and tachograph offences. He has represented people from cab drivers to a premier league footballer, as well as those who had their driving licences revoked on medical grounds by the DVLA.

Professional Disciplinary & Regulatory

Richard has a strong background in this type of work, and has both prosecuted and defended such matters. Richard has also provided training to local authority prosecutors on how to properly prepare their files for prosecution, which gives him an insight into how best to defend these cases.

Health & Safety

Businesses such as restaurants, takeaways, hotels and their owners face a number of challenges arising out of a multitude of health and safer legislation, most notably the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Richard is experienced in providing advice with a view to avoiding problems before they arise.

Richard has also dealt with alleged breaches of duties under health & safety legislation, breaches of improvement notices, and with breaches of Prohibition Notices in relation to food hygiene cases.

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v MH PLC   prosecution of a multi-national chain of hotels in relation to a serious injury caused by hot fat in one of their kitchens.
  • R v B  prosecution of the owner of a franchise awarded by an international fast food chain for not providing PPE in the form of slip resistant footwear. The case had wider implications for the franchisor who would have had to have changed its policy on the provision of footwear at massive expense.
  • R v W Golf Club a case involving the partial amputation of a foot by a lawn mower used in breach of health and safety legislation and risk assessments.


Richard has dealt with a number of high profile local nuisance cases pursued by the local authority and is skilled and experienced in dealing with these issues. He has been used as a consultant by local authorities on noise nuisance; the use of digital technology in enforcement; and on the extensive disclosure implications of the data collected by such devices.

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • R v C   an allegation of vibration / noise nuisance emanating from premises owned by a national printing company. There was considerable scientific investigation into which machine was the cause of the low level sonic nuisance.
  • R v F   an allegation of breach of an improvement notice by a restaurant alleged to have inadequate filtering on their smoke extraction systems in breach of EU limits involving considerable legal argument about the proper interpretation of the improvement notice.

Sports Law

Richard has experience of dealing with the disciplinary arms of the Football Association (F.A.), the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), and the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

Significant cases since 1995 include:

  • Case X  a cricketer who had been disqualified from all cricket activities as a consequence of accepting a caution for possessing indecent images of children. The Tribunal was persuaded to lift the disqualification on certain conditions.
  • Case Y a swimmer who had failed to be selected for an important competition and wished to challenge the criteria adopted by the governing body. There were other allegations of impropriety and bias.


  • "A specialist in prosecuting and defending white-collar fraud." - Legal 500 2014
  • "Always provides clear and pragmatic advice." - Legal 500 2014
  • "Richard Wood is 'extremely professional and knowledgeable'." - Legal 500 2012


Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Gray’s Inn


Professional Appointments

Judge of the Social Entitlement Chamber: First Tier (2013-current)

Independent Legal Advisor to the CPS’s Hate Crime and Violence against Women Panel (2008-11)