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Originating from a common law background, Carey Johnston QC practice principally covers serious and complex fraud, often multi-handed fraud cases in a variety of contexts including Taxation (Income & Corporation Tax, VAT, Excise Duty, and Film Tax Credits), mortgages, re-insurance, insolvency, probate, identity theft and money-laundering.   The complexity of these cases usually involves work which is undertaken over a number of years.    Her practice also includes cases of murder, attempted murder, serious offences of violence, drugs and sexual offences.

Carey is an extremely reliable, focused advocate, with case management skills, working efficiently and effectively with others, quickly distilling the evidence, identifying the relevant legal and factual issues, and providing prompt and clear advice.  She is exceptionally organised and has impeccable judgement that is demonstrated through her high quality preparation and presentation skills.  For these reasons, she is often called upon at short notice to resolve issues including being instructed to advise and lead in prosecution appeals to the Court of Appeal.

The nature of her practice means that she is well versed in PII, Disclosure and LPP issues.


Fraud and Business Crime

Carey has a wealth of experience in calling and cross-examining witnesses ranging from experts to the young and/or vulnerable. Over the years, she has been instructed by the SFO and CPS specialist fraud divisions to prosecute serious and complex fraud and tax cases.


  • R v L - Op. Edgewood (2015) prosecuting an accountant for cheating the Revenue of income and corporation tax in relation to his accountancy business.
  • R v A & Others - Op. Finetune (2013) prosecuting multi-million pound conspiracy to cheat the Revenue of VAT and Film Tax Credits.
  • Operation Mentum 1 and 2:  R v K & Others (2010) and R. v. D & K (2009) prosecuting a number of conspiracies to cheat the Revenue in connection with fraudulent repayment claims of overpaid income tax which also involved identity theft.
  • R v I & Others - Op. Saiful (2009) prosecuting 11 handed conspiracy to defraud banks and other financial institutions involving the infiltration of a building society computer system, identity theft and credit-card cloning.
  • R v L and Others (2005)  Defending wife of police officer jointly charged with her husband with conspiracies to defraud and money-laundering.

Proceeds of Crime

Carey has conducted many cases under POCA and the previous regimes.

  • Op Dogstar (2017-2018) prosecuting multi-handed money laundering trials involving organised crime group
  • R v R - Op. Enderby 2 (2015) (second trial only) involving allegations in relation to a multi-million pound money-laundering operation.
  • R v D&D - Op. Galling (2011) Prosecuting a series of money-laundering offences and perverting the course of justice.
  • R v O (2007) prosecuting a money laundering involving funds earmarked for public works diverted by a Nigerian State Governor to the UK. Monies recovered in confiscation proceedings were later repatriated to the Nigerian Government. One of the first convictions achieved by the International Corruption Group.



  • R v AO (2017) - prosecuting manslaughter charge
  • R. v HD (2012) Instructed by defence (for appeal only) to advise on grounds of appeal against a murder conviction in light of the trial judge’s summing up of the then new partial defence of “loss of control”.
  • R v H & Others (2008) Prosecuting murder, false imprisonment, robbery, assault and witness intimidation.
  • R v F and J (2008) Prosecuting murder and perverting the course of justice.

Other Serious Offences

Carey’s practice has covered most types of serious crime, for both defence and prosecution including:

  • R v G & D (2016) Advising on a prosecution appeal against a terminating ruling of charges under the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 where a young child had been seriously injured.
  • R v B & Others - Op. Bypass (2014)  Prosecuting conspiracy arising from a multi-million pound tobacco smuggling operation and drug smuggling.
  • R v O & Others - Op. Gig (2011) Successfully appealed an order to stay proceedings involving importation of large quantities of Class A drugs by an organised crime group on grounds of abuse of process in connection with disclosure.


LLM University of Warwick  (1975-1976)

LLB University of Warwick   (1972-1975)


South Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

Professional Appointments

Legal Assessor to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal (2010 to 2018)

Legal Assessor to the Health and Care Professions Council (2012 to present)