Public Access allows members of the public the opportunity to instruct a barrister for specialist legal advice or advocacy services without the need to instruct a solicitor (click for Bar Council Guidance).

Identifying the right barrister and ensuring their early involvement is essential to maximising the prospects of a positive outcome. With our expert understanding of the criminal justice system, we help guide our clients through the legal process. Benefits include;

  • Access to specialist advice across a diverse range of practice areas.
  • A direct line of communication to the barrister providing your advice/services, either in person, video conference, phone or email.
  • Competitive and cost-effective legal services of the highest professional standards.
  • Public Access can be cost effective, as members of the public can save money on solicitor costs.
  • Public Access barristers can negotiate on your behalf, advise you on your legal status/rights and represent you in court, tribunal and/or mediation hearings.

If you are interested in this service, please complete the short form below and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Fee Structure

The fees for each matter will be determined by the nature of the case, the level of case complexity and the seniority of the barrister instructed. Generally our barristers will charge an hourly rate for all Preparation and Advisory work.

All fees are subject to VAT

Driving Cases
The fees for each case are assessed individually, it is difficult to indicate the fee level prior to receipt of case papers. But as a guideline, you can expect hourly rates to range from £100 for a Junior tenant and up to £900 per hour for a Senior Silk. Attendance rates would range from £350 for a junior tenant to £3,500 per day for a Senior Queens Counsel
Fees for an initial conference with a Public Access junior barrister our fees would start from £250 + VAT.
All Members of chambers are registered for VAT therefore all fees quoted will be subject to the addition of VAT


Unfortunately, not all cases are appropriate for instruction under the scheme. Completion of the form will allow us the opportunity to review the specifics of the case and inform you of all the possible options available to you. Please note, under the Direct Access scheme legal aid funding cannot be used. If you are considering instructing a barrister on behalf of a professional organisation, please view our Licensed Access page for additional information, as it may be a more appropriate method of instruction.

To discuss your options in more detail and for more information regarding the scheme, please contact our clerking team, led by Chambers Director, Mark Bennett.

The following members are able to accept Direct Access work: